The consultancy ASSPE Sant Pere de Ribes began its activity in 1995, and since, then we have accumulated experience which has allowed us to grow and evolve at the pace of today’s economic society. It has a team of professionals who offer a comprehensive package of services to their clients; and, in the long run, it can offer a high added value in relation to the business and socio-economic fabric of its geographical area (Garraf and the southern metropolitan area of Barcelona) and in the SERVICES sector (tourism, hostelry, commercial, construction and derivatives), the main economic engine of the area.

“Great specialized team”


Customer guidance in the development of their business idea. Creating the right kind of business for their main activity’s needs. Advice on the various options for activities and organizations to carry them out. Information regarding the obligations with the administrations. Long-term planning.

We provide advice and consultancy regarding the income and expenses for the activity which the client wants to develop. Consulting on deductible expenses and regarding inspections carried out by the administration. General information on issued and received invoices. We carry out the accounting of each business, adapting to new technologies.

Our consultancy services also include the management of taxes, always keeping in mind the type of company which is consulting us, providing the necessary information to serve the obligations of each company. Advice on the best decisions to optimize resources. We prepare and make the main tax returns of companies and freelancers in all areas.

We have a team of lawyers and experts within the legal field that allows us to advise our clients on all their needs. We provide the necessary advice available to our client, and in the event of a lawsuit, we can represent them. We have the right tools to be up to date with taxes, labour, legal, and commercial news to offer to our clients.

We offer comprehensive advice within the scope of labour relations, tailored to the needs of the business and activity: We manage the payroll, registrations, sick leaves, and the terminations and extensions of contracts. We provide advice regarding risk prevention and staff layoffs, assisting in possible conciliations and lawsuits.

Mercantile advice depending on the kind of company. Incorporation of companies according to the needs of the client and their business idea. Accompaniment until obtaining the final NIF and its registration. Evaluation in various corporate operations: sale of companies, mergers of companies, excisions of companies, sale of shares between partners, etc.